Mission Statement

We believe that every human being has the right to know who their birth parents are. Our mission is to help people discover the identity of their birth family.

We are committed to creating tools that will help provide answers for adoptees and anyone else with unknown parentage. Answers to the universal human question of: "Who am I and where did I come from?".

We call ourselves DNA Dreamers because we dream about building DNA tools to help people who may have dreamed their whole life about finding their birth parents.

Our Story

We had volunteered as a Search Angel for more than a year and had helped more than 30 adoptees discover their birth parents. But we became frustrated at how tedious and time consuming the process of doing a search was. And we began to dream of an app that could automate part of the search process. Ultimately the dream turned into DNA2Tree.

Meet the Team


David Neal

Founder & CEO

Software Developer

Volunteer Search Angel